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Why NH?

The 5G era has arrived and the communication infrastructure is undergoing major changes. Cloud technology is evolving continuously and making hardware and software more and more open. New entrants to the telecom industry are emerging.
The concept of Neutral Host (NH) was born out of this trend. We would like to work with you to develop new business models brought about by NH.

What is Neutral Host (NH)?

Traditionally, telecom carriers have been building their infrastructure on their own and independently. Recently a new business model has emerged where IT-specialized companies build part of the infrastructure (for example, communication towers, antennas, base stations, etc.) and share it to multiple telecom carriers. The sharing scheme would contribute to reduce the cost of infrastructure buildout and making the service deployment time shorter. Such business model of sharing the infrastructure is called neutral host.

Sharing a part of infrastructure by multiple service providers is already implemented in many industries. A typical example is data center. We believe infrastructure sharing is going to be more and more common and thus business opportunities do exist in neutral host.




NH for
5G infrastructure

In 5G, millimeter waves that are much higher frequency than before are used. Use of higher frequencies will continue on to 6G. As the frequency becomes higher, radio wave propagation becomes shorter, hence it is necessary to install antennas more densely than before, which increases the economical burden on the telecom carriers. NH operators will contribute to reduce the burden and speed up network deployment by securing antenna locations, installing base stations and preparing optical lines in advance. 
NH Research Institute will support NH projects without being bound by specific telecom carriers.

(proof of concept) for
5G-enabled businesses

Businesses that utilize 5G are expected to expand, although there are still many uncertainties remain unresolved. Therefore not small number of companies are yet to undertake the development. Depending on the business they are looking after, it would be necessary to carry out a PoC to validate technical feasibility and business model. 
NH Research Institute is set to support the clients and help them implement the PoC from as a neutral third party. NH Research Institute believes that independence from specific telecom carriers or system integrators would be preferred during the PoC period.

2021/11/10 Report Movie

「a presentation on European & UK neutral host」reported by Dean Bubley


NH Research Institute was founded by Jun Yamada and Yozo Omori. Jun Yamada has led Qualcomm’s operations in Japan until recently and has deep experience in the wireless communication industry. Yozo Omori has been engaged in mobile services since i-mode and is very familiar to content and service industries. Fellows and researchers with specialized expertise in each field will also bring their knowledge to meet the needs of clients.

Jun Yamada
Jun Yamada
NH Institute, Inc.
Co-Founder & CEO
Yozo Omori
Yozo Omori
NH Institute, Inc.
Co-Founder & CEO
Masao Akata
Masao Akata
NH Institute, Inc.
CTO (Chief Technology Officer)


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